We operate a multi-layer approach with EBS Cloud providing the outer defence and ThreatSense the inner defence.

These solutions are applied at machine level on each and every Server, Workstation or Laptop across your business network. It protects against infection from say a USB stick, CD/DVD or other direct entry methods. With attention on infections from the internet this vulnerability is often overlooked.

Provides protection from:

Viruses,  Worms,  Trojans, Spyware Adware Rootkits, Bootkits, Key logging, Screen capture, Drive by downloads, Zero-hour infections

ThreatSense Remote Management

Our Remote Administrator lets us and you manage this security solutions across your business network – whether large or small – effectively and efficiently.

Oversee your entire network of workstations and servers from a single location. The built-in task management system enables timely responses to malware incidents. Update signature databases, run reports, and enforce consistent security policies with ease across your entire network.