PAT Testing Services

PowerPlug is a sister company to EBS-IT and provides the complete solution to Portable Appliance Testing needs under The Electricity @ Work Regulation.

From contract testing of all electrical appliances by way of the unique Safe System© through to consultancy and education: Click here to visit the Power plug website

Powerplug Safe System

The PowerPlug ‘Safe System’ as we call it is unique and successful because by managing the accident risk based on the type, environment, work, operator experience andcondition of the appliance, we can not only more effectively protect the client, but reward a client by extending the frequency between combined inspection and testing. It is the combination of PowerPlug’s experience and objective assessment (monitoring of the % Defect Rate) which allows our client to save substantial sums whilst enhancing safety standards. Click here for more information

Powerplug Xpress System

Xpress is aimed solely at those clients wanting ´snap shot´ testing with the minimum of appliance information. PowerPlug’s high reputation for test and inspection thoroughness, labelling and reporting is not compromised with Xpress. Click here for more information

PAT software

Whether it is the provision of one of the simplest and probably most reliable test instrument on the market today, or the unique single screen aproach to PAT software, PowerPlug has the solution.

PowerPlug with a highly structured approach offers all clients one of the most easily managed PAT testing regimes on the market today.

Guaranteed PAT Testing 

PowerPlug works to strict IEE guidelines and should not be confused with those contractors which don’t.

We: Open every plug, Check every fuse, Tighten every terminal, Tighten every clamp, Check every cord, Safety check every appliance, Apply PUWER 98 legislation, Advise on safety improvements, Test Earth Resistance, Test Incorrect polarity, Test for Insulation resistance, Test for function/Load, Test for current leakage, Check for shock risk, Record every (DIGITAL) test result, Keep your records for 7 yrs, Show the full history of faults found, Use only IEE compliant labels and more..

Scanning Site and Floor Plans 

This enables us to accurately control highly complex test programmes with many test intervals across all sites and buildings types ranging from 6 monthly to 6 yearly frequencies!

Reporting Daily

By reporting daily to the Duty Holder PowerPlug is able to provide detailed reports on faults found to allow immediate remedial repair. Regular monitoring of progress puts the duty holder in control of both his/her programme and cost budget.

Comprehensive Quality Reporting on Completion 

Bar Coded Appliances, Computerised Asset Register, Bound Computerised Reports, New/Changed Appliance Procedure, Automatic Retests, Framed Certificate of Compliance, Hard Wearing Presentation Folder.