Mail and Security Solutions for the Cloud

Cloud services are a rapidly growing and important new area in IT offering some great advantages.

A Cloud service or application is one which is hosted off-site; it does not exist on your own local machine. This means you are relaying on your internet connection for it to work. If you use our NameSpace service we will be able to provide you with all the internet options available for you to choose from.

We take your security very seriously as we know how much time and cost it can take to put things right, prevention really is so much better than cure!

We like to operate a multi-layered approach to security and the cloud allows us to stop things before they even reach your network, it’s the outer layer. To find out about our inner layer security offerings see ThreatSense.

Our range of services

As this is a new and rapidly evolving market you need to be careful with your choices. Here are some of the things you need to consider:-

  • How much will it cost me – hosted exchange has been available for some years but often you will only get a small amount of data space for your mail within the standard monthly charge. Charges for extra GBs soon mount up.
  • How reliable is my internet connection? – if it goes down you are without the cloud service.
  • How fast is my internet, especially the up-load speed? – You may well have 8M down but maybe only 0.3M up. If so your experience will be affected.
  • Can I move between applications and suppliers – currently it is very hard and often expensive to change your supplier as everyone has their own non-compatible solutions. It is not as easy as changing your gas supplier, more like switching to a different gauge railway line. Maybe in another 5 years this will improve.

The good news is by using our range of EBSCloud services you do not have to worry as we at EBS-IT are fully aware of these and other challenges and will give you full advice, clearly defining any difficulties.

Cloud services that have been fully approved by EBS-iT, so you can use them with confidence:-

  • Hosted email – Exchange and POP
  • Web Security – internet policy enforcement, web threat protection and web filtering
  • Email Security – protection against SPAM, Phishing attacks and other Malware.
  • Email archiving – mailbox storage and management


We would be delighted to speak with you either on the phone or in person, we can then start to discuss pricing for the services your require. Our contact detail are here

Every company is different and one price does not fit all, but don’t worry, this is why we offer a Free Audit. Our Free Audit allows us to understand your company, your IT demands and your current IT setup. We then tailor our solutions to your specific needs and give you a tailored quote.