EBS-IT offers a full range of networking and communication solutions.

We are happy to plan and install your networking to meet your requirements.

• Wired LAN – cabling, routers, modems and switches
• Wireless Networking
• VPN – for secure connection to and from remote workers
• Phone systems – analogue, digital and VoIP
• Internet Connection ADSL, BT Infinity and Specialised lines
• See our NameSpace service for the management of your domains and email.

Category 5 cable (Cat 5e) – is a low cost standard cable for carrying signals between a server and its workstations, forming a computer network (often called Ethernet). It can also be used to carry phone traffic around an office at speeds of up to 1Gig, with a maximum distance of 100 meters between nodes.

Cat 6 – is far more expensive both to purchase and to install. It does offer greater speeds and higher resistance to interference from electrically noisy environments. Let us advise if this is necessary.

Modems, Routers and Switches – as part of our service we will manage and maintain all the elements of your business network. Routers are often used to connect your network to your broadband line. Modems decode one form of communication to another, such as ADSL to a protocol your computers will understand. Switches act as the hub of your network; it is where all your servers, workstations and printers join together.

Wireless – we will ensure you get secure coverage across your entire office area, preventing access from unauthorised people.

Phone Systems and Internet Provision – we can provide all types of phone lines, switchboards and handsets. From standard analogue lines through to VoIP, for both local and remote workers.

VPN – we will setup, manage and maintain all required Virtual Private Network connections allowing secure remote access to your business.